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Sam Bakker was born in 1988 in Christchurch; formally known as the ‘garden city’ of New Zealand. Sam showed a entrepreneurial streak from a young age and by age 13 had started his first business in his first year of high school selling drinks & chocolate bars around school. The business grew so fast that word got to the school’s cafeteria, Sam’s parents were called and he was asked to stop selling on school grounds.

After the early success he had had Sam turned online and invested the money he had made into the hottest new trend at the time (Mp3 players). Importing thousands of players from China and selling them locally as well as online by the age of just 16 Sam had already shifted over $120,000 worth of sales making over $60,000 profit from the venture.

Markets changed and Sam was forced to adapt. He decided to take his new found skills to other businesses to help them get online founding Modern Cogs Limited. A business specializing in helping businesses excel with online marketing. Sam’s business quickly grew to 40 full time staff working round the clock to ensure his clients were achieving the best results in some of the most competitive markets. Working with now well known names such as projectmanager.com and healthy.co.nz.

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Sam has continued his work helping business owners and new entrepreneurs to excel with his teachings and tools to establish successful local and global businesses. He has worked with many of the biggest names in his industry and spoke on some of the biggest stages alongside names such as best-selling author Mark Anastasi, Bill Walsh, Jeff and Kane, Austin Walsh and even Richard Branson.

If you are looking for a world class speaker for your upcoming event, a coach to guide you to financial success with online marketing or quality products and tools that produce more success for your business through social media, webinars or lead generation Sam is here to help. If you would like to secure a one on one coaching session with Sam you can find out more here.