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My name is Sam Bakker and you’ve either landed on this page because I have sent you here after becoming a new subscriber/customer in the community or you’ve stumbled across this in Google somewhere as a result of a blog post, video or article I have published. Around you is my home where I list all of my products, services and some additional training to help you on your journey to improve your marketing.

Recently I’ve been fully focussed on a new project to help new entrepreneurs to ‘Start Up’ their first business online. You can find out more below and how you can get involved.

It all started for me at the age of 15. I had worked steadily throughout my early teenage years doing mailing runs, selling drinks and chocolate bars at school and I had made enough to invest in $5000 worth of electronic equipment from overseas. Why you may ask? Well at the time mp3 players had started to gain popularity and quickly I doubled my money. Over the next year my business generated over $100,000 in revenue to the shock of my parents and teachers.


The market changed not to long after that and I decided to move into finding more out about online marketing. It took me years of research, training, webinars and products to finally find success. It all happened when I was faced with loosing my call centre job at the age of 20. I still remember to this day my boss pulling me into his office and telling me that I would lose my job within the next week if I didn’t make a sale. I went back to my desk, picked up the phone and made the decision to try something NEW. I asked the business if they needed help with there website and marketing. They replied yes and by the next Monday I found myself consulting to one of the biggest health supplement companies in New Zealand about there online marketing.

It was just the start I needed as I quickly helped create success for the health company and other businesses sought my help. The most notable of these businesses was projectmanager.com. They were in a market competing against the likes of Microsoft, basecamp and about 1000 other project management software‘s.

It was around this time that I made the decision that I wanted to start selling my own products, software and helping others reach similar success to what I had. I had secured up to 6 figure contracts and I knew that I had information that I needed to share. I immediately went to work and created my first course on making money helping businesses with Facebook. The product was a hit and it started a snowball effect that brings me to where I am today. I have generated millions of dollars online helping hundreds of thousands of business owners from around the world and I am now here today with something that I hope I can share with you that will point you in a direction that leads to success.

During the time I have been helping businesses and online marketing there are certain lessons that I have learnt. I want to share my 3 biggest lessons with you today and let you know about a new project that we have in the works you might be interested in.

Lesson #1: There is only 2 ways to make money online

Selling products and selling services. At it’s core there is no other way to make money. What this means is you can best spend your time by focusing first of all on what products you want to produce or what services you should offer. Once you define the product you want to sell or the service the rest becomes a lot easier. In short – don’t purchase any products early on that are not consistent with setting up products or effective services.

Lesson #2: Actions Are More Important Than Training

So I’ve made a lot of money selling products and services online but I’m telling you that actions are more important than that… why?

Well when I first started I spent thousands and thousands on training, hour after hour on webinars and I would buy every new shiny


software I could get my hands on. Guess where all this training, knowledge and time spent got me?

ACTION! Well it got me no where really… it felt really good to learn everything I possibly could, I loved playing around with new software and following the trainers who were teaching me but what I realized is that none of their training got me anywhere. Do you know what did?

Now I am not against purchasing courses, software’s and systems however I am against it if you have not yet identified a method of making money. The first step in your journey is to first ‘identify’ a method that you LIKE. Then purchase the necessary information or tools you need to get you to your goal as fast as possible.

All other learning outside of your focus is unnecessary and for most of you will be a waste of time.

Learning will get you no where without action. Once you are confident you have the basics down and you know your chosen method focus on taking ‘action’ every day that pushes you to where you want to be.

Lesson #3: If You Can Catch A Trend You Can Position Yourself Ahead Of The Market

When I was starting out one of the best assets I had was my knowledge of Facebook. While it was basic at the time, Facebook was becoming popular and experienced marketers has not yet grasped how it worked. They came to me (Autho I was new in the market) to get that information and learn themselves. I positioning myself as an expert in a trending topic meant I became known far quicker. What trends can you specialize in and sell to speed up your fame?

These are just a few lessons that really helped me. I hope they can do the same for you. Look out for more emails from me with podcast information, webinars or recommended products. Also if you want more information about offline marketing I really recommend reading this book here. It will help you clarify your offerings and get a good full understanding for what is possible when you get your products or services up and running.

If you’d like to find out more about how to get started online then keep an eye out for a new training program we have in the works. It’s called ‘Laptop Startup’ a new training system for ‘Start Up’ Entrepreneurs. Keep an eye on this website here and register for free when it becomes available.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to talking with you further. You can get in touch with me directly on Facebook or if you need any support submit a ticket here.

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