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 I provide a simple solution to coaching with one on one coaching calls. This is for serious business professionals or leaders in their organization.

The purpose of booking a coaching call with me is if you have concerns or goals in your online marketing you want to achieve but you are falling short of at the moment.

As a savvy business individual I am sure you would agree that:

One properly implemented idea in business is all that is needed to take a business to the next level

One simple solution can solve even the most complex of problems or pressing issues to get your business back on track whatever your industry.

During this highly focused call I’ll personally coach you to refine a business problem then have, to reveal a seemingly obvious and powerful solution.

I have coached clients from the fastest growing companies to founders of start-ups trying to break through from the ground level.

I have helped many business owners increase their returns and solve in some cases complex problems within a short period of time using a unique perspective on the situation.

It’s no secret that a knowledgeable outside perspective can change everything for your company

If we work well together and you would like to continue to get advice on your business then I will design a scope of services tailored to your business’s needs.

Remember: This is a full hour session, the conversion will be direct and the sole goal of the call is to improve your business.. no sales pitches, no interruptions. It’s all about getting results for your business.

So here’s how it works:

  • Fill out the application form for one on one coaching so I can understand your business and what you would like to focus on going into the call
  • Process a payment of $997 for the session
  • You will receive an email from my assistant with times of availability
  • The call will be recorded so there is no need for you to take notes, you’ll have a copy of the entire call within 24 hours of it finishing to listen over.
  • The call will be uninterrupted, there will be no distraction just a full focus on your business

What happens if I can’t help?

  • After reviewing your application or within the first 15 minutes of the call either of us feel that this is not a good fit then the call will be ended early and your money will be refunded in full (After 15 minutes into the call we cannot refund the money)

This is my risk free guarantee so you can ensure your investment is worthwhile.


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I thank you for visiting my website here about one on one coaching and I look forward to talking with you in person soon.

Sam Bakker

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