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Increase Profits, Generate More Clients And
Spend Less Than 1 Hour A Day Doing It

Even If You Don’t Like Facebook Or Don’t Have The Budget
For PPC You Can’t Ignore This!

Dear Internet Marketer,

We have all heard the ‘buzz’ around Facebook…

…Well let me get you up to speed. This is what I have witnessed during the past year on Facebook!

Businesses have become more receptive to Facebook than ever before… Social media is now seen as an ‘need’ and not just a ‘want’ for most businesses.

I mean think about it Facebook traffic is dominating the web – We now have millions of users logging in every day to view content, clicking on ads and with the vast expansion of smart phones Facebook is more popular than ever!

What this means for us is NOW is the perfect time to act and help businesses with Facebook.

And whether you are in the consulting business, a local business yourself or corporate business you know that Facebook is now unavoidable if you want to reach your businesses full potential (Online or offline).

I have enjoyed the benefits in Facebook in my own business and as you’ll see lower down this page it’s woken me up to a new incredible way of generating more fans, leads and clients than ever.

But it hasn’t always been easy…

Especially over the past year when I was simply trying to get a start generating RESULTS from Facebook traffic. Many of the clients I work with today experience the usual they get a Facebook page LIVE but don’t know whats next? Some even get to the stage where they update the page a few times, generate maybe 50 – 150 fans but then the traffic stops…

Does any of this sound familiar?

It’s hard! I remember when I used to struggle to generate Facebook results and it was frustrating feeling helpless – not knowing what it would take to bring in the results I was looking for. . These businesses sought my help, training and coaching because they knew that something needed to change.

Here’s some of the main complaints I hear from businesses and consultants:



It seemed like every product, consultant or coach has their own revolutionary ‘new strategy’ for making money with Facebook in the modern day. You buy these courses, listen to their advice only to fall flat on your face after the first month spending thousands… then you check your stats and you havnt generated a single sale from Facebook.



I and many of the products on the market don’t give you the hands on help you want to really make a difference. You don’t want to read some books and watch some videos, you want to be guided through by a REAL PERSON every step of the way!



You’re a business owner, I know you’re busy! The thought of having to take hours out of your week to learn a new skill is just “not going to happen” you want to actively learn in a way that takes a few hours and not a few weeks.



You have been in business long enough and you don’t like the idea of always being on the hunt for new cliental. You want a simple automated way of generating clients that actually gets them coming ot you and buying what you’re selling.

I once felt the same way!

In that state and knowing the market was changing fast I became determined to find out “What was working right now”I began researching different marketers, local competition and started trying to emulate what other successful marketers were doing.

Fast forward to today and I now have a strategy that works 100% of the time… not only for generating substantial amounts of fans, leads and customers fast but also attracting clients locally (Some of them even offer to pay for my coffees, my meals…. Just to meet them)

Since finding this success I have been able to setup and run various Facebook PPC campaigns that proved very ‘profitable’ for myself and my clients. Better yet it takes next to no time!

I have also increased my own reach by becoming more “desireable” to businesses in my local community meaning that because of Facebook I now have customers practically hunting me down.

And now I have decided to share the same system I use and I apply to my clients businesses to bring in substantial results for our businesses.

New introducing

  • No More Confusion!
  • No More Money forked out on expensive consultants you know don’t REALLY know what they are doing…
  • No More Worrying about whether you will have time or not…
  • No More ‘Chasing Clients’

This system shows you a step by step method of creating successful converting Facebook campaigns and how to use your new found knowledge ‘attract’ paying clients and customers to you who want to buy from you.


Session 1

In the first 2 hour session here’s what you can expect:

Positioning Your Business

One of the keys to successful campaigns on Facebook is positioning. Do you REALLY know how to position your business correctly? Well this section is going to show you my simple 5 question litmus test that is going to reveal to you whether your ‘positioning’ is correct for Facebook or not then how to adjust it.

Facebook Page Strategy Creation

The first step before creating any Facebook campaign is simple. Create a simple to follow strategy you can use as a guide to success. Without a strategy it’s like you’re flying blind. I’ll give you fpr free the strategy document I sell to clients of mine for $500 a piece included in this package. So you can fill out your own Facebook Marketing strategy and find success.

My Best Converting Facebook Page

What does it take to create a Facebook page that gets RESULTS? Well let me show you the 8 most important components of a Facebook page. If you miss one of these components in creating your campaign your Facebook page has a far greater chance at failing.

How To Setup Your First PPC Campaign

Even if you have NEVER tried PPC before you can do this! I’m going to show you step by step exactly how to setup a successful PPC campaign from the ground up at YOUR pace.

The Key To Unlocking Your Target Market

The most important part of any PPC marketing campaign is ‘targeting’. If you can learn to ‘target’ your audience effectively then you will be able to.

My Secret Ad Vault

I’m going to unlock the key to my hidden Ads vault of images that “CONVERT” over and over again on Facebook. You can use these in your marketing, I am even going to give you some in editable form so you can change them to suit your marketing immediately.

Bidding Strategies That Produce Clicks For Next To Nothing In Any Niche

Finally in session one you’re going to learn the ‘trend’ and how to work the system so that you get the cheapest clicks possible for your business. The lower the cost per click the higher your potential to profit. This one section alone is worth the entire system.

This webinar will be recorded so you have the 5 days to review the content, test and try your campaigns in preparation for our second webinar session.

Session 2

How To Find Offers That CONVERT PPC Customers

If you are yet to create a business that is making you money online then this is the most valuable part of this course for you. I’m going to show you how to find offers to promote that make you money and what you need to do in order to get those offers setup.

Promoting Your MLM Business Through Facebook

Are you an MLM marketer? You’ll understand the struggle it can be to get traffic at times online. I’m going to show you an easy method for making Facebook pay for you in a BIG way and increase your downline X3.

Profitable Facebook Updating Strategies

Once your page is setup and you are running ads to the page, it’s time to engage those fans bringing in even more. As part of this I’ll show you how to use sponsored ads to get even more attention and why these simple ads can be the most valuable part of your Facebook marketing arsenal.

The Best Way To Generate Long Term Business Through Your Facebook Page

Whether you are a products or services business you understand the importance of long term business. Make sure the work you do today pays you tomorrow. I’ll show you my leading strategy to ensuring that the results you get today pay you over and over again tomorrow.

What Systems You Should Setup To Promote A Business

Finally in Session #2 ill show you how to setup systems that are going to promote your business or any business you are consulting to. This information is going to be essential if you want to scale things up in your business and make even more money.

Session 3

How To Optimize Your Ads To Generate Even Better Results

Once you have started to get your Facebook ads moving, you should be gaining some good momentum. At this time you are ready to move into ‘optimizing’ your ads. There is a right way to do this and there is a wrong way. I’m going to show you the right way so that you don’t stumble and can optimize your ads effectively from day #1.

My Simple 3 Step System For Creating Converting Landing Pages That Generate Hungry Leads

Landing pages are critical to your PPC success. They influence whether a visitor of yours becomes a lead or even a customer. Because of this it’s essential that you use a certain type of landing page to capture as many leads that convert into customers as possiuble. Ill show you what makes a good landing page in this session and what software you can use to create them.

How To Follow Your Visitors Around The Web

Have you heard of ‘re-targeting your customers’? Well it’s one of the most effective and cheap ways of generating business from visitors who have seen your offers or your website. I’ll show you how to set it up and effectively target customers so your ads are seen all around the web.

A Simple Strategy For Attracting Local Clients Through Facebook That Costs

Next To Nothing But brings In Results Every Time Finally to cap things off, if you are in the business of generating clients for your services locally, I’m going to reveal to you a great NEW way of generating clients in such a way that the business actually comes to you! Yes no more selling, businesses are going to reach out for what you have with this strategy.

Questions And Answers Session

During these calls any questions you want answered will be answered, in this final call we are going to have a to the point questions and answers session at the end to go over all that has been covered and anything you have not yet learned fully will be revealed 100%.

Bonus 1 – Progress worksheet & Accountability Process – Value $197

pen I believe in plans, progress worksheets and holding yourself accountable to certain actions on a daily basis. That’s why as an additional bonus for this package I have put together a progress worksheet for all 3 sessions and accountability process sheets that are going to ensure you do the tasks laid out between the three sessions. This will be highly useful especially as you enter into your earlier Facebook marketing campaigns.

Bonus 2 – Full Recordings Of All 3 Sessions – Value $97

com_84 As a bonus today you are going to get a full recording of every session start to finish. This includes all the questions and answers, the strategy and any additional learning that takes place. You can review these sessions yourself in future or keep them for any occasion.

So let’s recap

You’re getting access to one of 100 spots for this incredible incubator that is going to walk you through every step of Facebook


Session #1: Facebook PPC Rapid Startup! (2 hours)

During this group coaching session you are going to learn everything you need to know to get your business setup fast and professionally on Facebook. We will go into the basics of PPC and gradually move into setting up more advanced style campaigns. Value $497


Session #2: PPC Monetization Revealed

In this group coaching session you are going to learn the key of applying what you learnt in Session #1 to make money. You’ll learn all about landing pages, converting offers and how to make the most of your campaigns from day #1. Value $497


Session #3: Optimizing Your Campaigns For Maximum Profit.

Once you have started a successful campaign the next step is to optimize your ads, your landing pages and ensure you get the most from the campaign. During this session you are going to leanr all about that and also how you can get more Clients ‘coming to you’ from Facebook. Value $497

Bonus #1: Progress worksheet & Accountability Process

It’s important that you have a guide to setting up campaigns. For this reason I have created a progress worksheet as well as an accountability process for you so that you know exactly what you need to do and when as we go through the process of this coaching program. Value: $197


Bonus #2: Full Recordings Of All 3 Sessions

I understand you might not be able to make every session or you might want to work through this program at your own pace. If that is the case then no problem, I will be ensuring that every webinar is recorded so that you can have the full benefit even if you can’t appear live. Value: $97


You get 24 hour customer service.

Have any questions about any of the videos and I will personally get in touch with you and help you out with any questions you have about this exciting package. Value $47

That’s a combined value of $1832.00

Now you can see the value I am giving you today and usually for this type of hands on coaching you would be looking at a price closer to $3000. But I’m not going to charge you anything close to that today.

I usually charge $997 minimum for an hour coaching with me. But for you today because I want to share with you my customer, I have put together a special limited time offer I know you will be excited about.

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I look forward to hearing of all your success!


Best wishes,
Sam Bakker

P.S. As I mentioned above I can only have 100 people on this call. I want to be able to answer everyone’s questions and any over that is just TO MUCH. Already as I write this 9 spots have gone. If you would like to secure one of these spots act now while the buy button is still up there. When the spots are gone you will not be able to purchase any more spots.