Here Is My Intention For This Blog


I write to you today, my brain drenched with ideas…

It’s been a day of interesting revelations and I want to share for the first time my intended direction for this blog, and my marketing business in general. At last I feel as if the many ideas I have been having are coming together as one.

I met today with some of the top speakers in their fields from around New Zealand. It was my intention of finding out more about the National Speaker’s Association here in New Zealand.

We got talking about all kinds of topics from sales, success, online marketing to webinars and newspaper advertising. It was interesting because the more we talked the more I felt we had something more in common than just our enthusiasm for speaking.  What we have   is a drive to succeed, beyond where  we all are at today.

It brings me to my intention for this website:     to create a valuable resource that not only motivates my clients, but also inspires them to see a new vision for their companies.

Each and every one of us has been in a situation before where we have been talking to someone and suddenly they say something and a light bulb goes off in our  heads:  ‘a  new idea to investigate that could greatly improve our  businesses! ‘

I plan to use this as a way for businesses to find a variety of effectively researched and proven methods to grow their business in a direction they may not have previously considered. I plan to motivate businesses to better themselves in the face of hot competition and come out on top. Finally, and most importantly, it’s my goal to create this site in such a way that when you read the content a light goes off in your head, a new business idea is found in the writing, or you find a revelation for change that takes your business in a direction it has not yet been in before.

It’s my intention to be real with the information I share and take active examples of marketing being used by companies across a variety of media and demonstrate how by using a few simple techniques, their results can  be greatly enhanced.

This blog is going to cover a wide range of topics related to marketing; however it will all come together as a home for my clients, subscribers and new visitors. It will enable  them to find new ideas, inspiration and to challenge what’s considered ‘common practice’   by utilizing a combination of channels to produce a case either for or against what  companies are doing to expand today.

I appreciate your time and thank you for reading this. Look out for a variety of thorough and  wide-ranging articles  being posted in the near future.

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